What are Singles Bars?

If you have been unlucky in your search for love for some time, and have not heard about singles bars, read on. Singles bars are great places to hang out and meet a potential partner. You never know...your soulmate might be frequenting that singles bar near you! (more…)

teen dating sites 300x225 What are the Teen Dating Sites?

Teen dating sites have become a source of concern for parents. Kids who are dating these days seem to be getting younger and younger. Age is one thing, the venue of dating is another issue all together. It is a fact that online dating has its share of dangers for everybody, specially for teens.


men 5 Answers to Questions Women Are Dying To Know About Men

As much as men repeatedly say about the things they do not understand about women, women are also going gaga over things that men love but women don’t. Below are answers to all these questions that have been bugging women all over the world… including their obsession with porn!


chat 300x232 What You Need to Know About Gay Chat Rooms

When one mentions “gay chat rooms,” people often assume the negative. Many immediately assume that gays in chat rooms only talk about sex. While it is true that there are some dating sites which encourage cybersex between gays and feature explicit web-cam videos, NOT all gay chat rooms are like that. People should not resort to hasty generalizations, especially since there is a lot to learn about gay chat rooms.


dating web site 300x218 What To Remember When Using A Dating Web Site

Every year, there are countless people who successfully find life partners through a dating web site. Due to the testimonials of people who got lucky in love in cyberspace, there are now more people who are encouraged to try it for themselves. It is without a doubt that online dating is a fun and exciting endeavor. On the other hand, it can also be dangerous, especially if one isn’t careful. If you are about to try online dating for the first time, here are some things you should remember for your own safety:


Blind and Deaf Dating

dating 300x200 Blind and Deaf Dating

Dating in general can be difficult, but it surely is more problematic for people who are deaf or blind. The disabilities they have can make dating more challenging than it already is. Problems arise when the deaf or blind person is dating someone without their disabilities. Dating deaf or blind individuals may require a lot of effort from the other party, but all the work will be worth it if the relationship proves to be meaningful.


online dating Tips for a Safe Gay Online Dating

When it comes to online dating, it’s not only the “straight” people who need safety measures but gay people as well. In this day and age, there are a lot of online dating scams that exist and it is just right to arm yourself with useful tips that will help you have a peaceful and enjoyable online dating experience.


soulmates 300x203 Tests for Soulmates in Cyberspace

There are quite a number of people who believe in the notion of soulmates. They are convinced that there is someone out there destined to be their romantic match. While there are some who fervently hold on to the belief that the soul’s other half exists, there are skeptics who roll their eyes to such notion. Whether you believe in soulmates or not, you will be delighted to know that there are many tests in cyberspace for those who do believe. Check out the list below and try them out for yourself:


dating men1 The Secrets of Dating Men When Picking Up Women

There are some dating men who have mastered the art of picking up women. Some of them may not even look the part: they lack the sultry gaze of Robert Pattinson, the charm of George Clooney or the sex appeal of Brad Pitt. So how do they do it? These men may not have the Hollywood advantage on their side, but they sure know what to do to charm the ladies off their feet. Here are the secrets of picking up women from them:


online dating service 300x210 Online Dating Service 101

If you are planning to find a potential partner in cyberspace, an online dating service can help you with your objective. You wouldn’t have a problem, as there are countless online dating services out there that you can use. In fact, there are more than 9 million dating services to choose from! Before you pick an online dating service from the lot, you must really know what you are looking for to make the process easier.